Tjarnarbíó (Theater by the pond) is a historic house situated in the heart of Reykjavík, on one of the oldest streets of the City, overlooking the pond in downtown Reykjavík. Built in 1913 and throughout the years it has housed various professions. In the beginning it was built to house ice for fish which Icelanders were preparing to ship out of the country. Since the second world war the house has been operating as a movie and stage theater.

The organization for independent theaters has been running the house since 1995. A few years ago everything was renovated and a glass extension with a romantic bar and seating area was added. Tjarnarbíó is the place for independent performers in Reykjavík.


The theater hall itself has 180 seats and beverages are allowed inside the hall. The theater overlooks the pond, a beautiful view. A special private courtyard is connected to the theater.